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DiversiTech SCAP-60D Dual Multi-Value Capacitor


Product Description

DiversiTech SCAP-60D Dual Multiple Value Capacitor

SwitchCap Dual Multiple Value Capacitor provides two, easily switchable, capacitors in one simple package. Using easy to set switches, rather than jumper wires, SwitchCap is the future of multiple value capacitors.

Dual Capacitance
Just like a standard dual value capacitor, there are two capacitors in the same can. One for the herm side, one for the fan.
Fire Resistant Heat Sink
The innovative heat sink material used in SwitchCap Dual is certified by UL to be fire resistant. Competing products using oil filled capacitors are not fire resistant.
Heavy Duty 
SwitchCap Dual is a heavy duty, heavy weight capacitor. Weight in a capacitor indicates the amount of heat sink material inside. More heat sink material, more weight. A heavier capacitor will typically last longer, and result in fewer call backs than a lighter weight capacitor.
Wide Capacitance Range
DiversiTech’s SwitchCap Dual Multiple Value Capacitor features an extremely wide capacitance range. For the Herm side, values from 15 to 60 microFarads are available. For the Fan side 3 to 10.5 microFarads are your selections. Combined, the total capacitance value is 70.5 microFarads.
Wide Ambient 
Temperature Range DiversiTech’s SwitchCap Dual Multiple Value Capacitor can be installed in an extremely wide ambient temperature range from -40C to 70C (-40F to 158F)
Size: 2.5" w x 9" h x 3.5" d

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